Wood Floor restore services

Despite what DIY shows would have you believe, wood floor restoration and floor sanding is a highly skilled job.


Commercial & Domestic Floor Sanding

We use only the best dust-free sanding machinery, to ensure a professional, seemless finish every time, whether on a school hall or Victorian kitchen, the results speak for themselves.


Staining Services

Our professional staining and varnishing services will enhance your floor, whether new or traditional, bringing out and showcasing the true natural wood grain, for a stunning finish. We can also match the stain and finish to your furniture for the perfect complete look.

Floor Finishing

For a beautiful finish why not try our wood floor polishing and buffering services, ensuring the wow factor throughout.

Oil or Wax Finishing

We offer a comprehensive list of finishing materials, from oil to wax, to help you get the desired look and quality finish required.

Hardwood Restoration

Hardwood Restoration

At Essex Floor Sanders, we use only the best timbers to match perfectly to your existing wood type and age, new for new, old for old, you won't see the joins or Wax


The importance of regular maintenance on older flooring, in particular, can't be over stressed, we are always here to help guide you and offer professional advice. With over 50 years of combined knowledge on the team, you are in safe hands with Essex Floor Sanders.

Gap Filling

Our traditional gap filling methods, with both stop draughts and prevents the build up of dust between the gaps. Properly done, this technique also helps prevent timber movement by tightening the floor space.


After clearing your floor of any protruding nails or tacks, we cross sand your floor in order to level out any uneven boards and leave you with a flat surface.

We will repair and replace any damaged or broken boards and fill any holes, eg radiator pipes.

We can fill the gaps between your floor boards, this will depend on draught exclusion or the customers personal taste. We have couple of different methods and will gladly discuss which is more suitable for you.

Next with a high grade abrasive we start to sand your floor with the grain. We continue this process through 4 grades of abrasive 24, 40, 80, 120 until your floor is clean and smooth.

We then tackle sides, corners and under radiators and other ackward spaces until the entire area is back to fresh wood, and therefore ready to stain and / or varnish.

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